Cedar Rapids Animal Hospital

1000 Memorial Drive SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403




Low Stress Handling, Restraint, & Behavior Modification

Preparing and Taking Your Cat to the Vet


Veterinary Partner

General veterinary medical and surgical advice for clients.

Cornell Veterinary School

Cornell's feline health center site.

Indoor Cat Initiative

Cat behavior, environmental enrichment, intercat aggression, and other behavioral issues.

Exotic Pets

Guinea Pigs

Website for Guinea pig care.


Website for general ferret healthcare.


Website for the house rabbit society of the US.

Rat and Mouse Club of America


Westwood Animal Hospital

Veterinary web-site with many behavior articles about dogs and cats from renowned veterinary behaviorist, Dr. Wayne Hunthausen.

Clicker Training

The definitive site for this method of behavioral modification.

Adopting a Dog: Some Dogs are Easier Than Others

Helping you to find a good shelter dog.  Behaviors to look for.

Animal Behavior Associates

Behavior web-site with access to professionals for behavior consulting, information, and a newsletter.

Therapy Dog International

Volunteer Organization dedicated to regulating, testing, and registration of therapy dogs.

Corridor Therapy Dogs

Non-Profit Organization located here in Cedar Rapids Iowa.


Kids Pages

Web-page with links to entertaining sites for children about animals, includes games and interesting facts about animals.


Toxic and Non-Toxic Plant Guide

Toxic plant guide.


Cedar Rapids Animal Control

Companion Animal Network (CAN)

A Cedar Rapids-based local rescue organization for cats and dogs.

Cedar Valley Humane Society

Cedar Rapids Humane Society.

Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue

Nation-wide non-profit Dachshund rescue organization.

Paws and More

No-kill shelter in Washington, IA.

Min Pin Rescue

Nation-wide non-profit rescue organization for miniature pinschers.