Cedar Rapids Animal Hospital

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Feeding and Toys

Buster DogMaze

The Buster DogMaze bowl is designed to help with dogs that eat too fast.  Dots that eat too quickly can vomit their meals shortly after eating and have more gas.  The Dog Maze helps to slow down their eating and doesn't allow them to inhale their food.

Break-Fast Bowl 

The break-fast feeding bowl helps to slow down eating.  It is used for dogs that eat too quickly and vomit their food shortly after eating.  It is designed for dogs to have to eat around the pegs in the middle making it harder for them to eat too fast.

KONG Wobbler

The KONG Wobbler is designed as a food or treat dispenser.  It helps with dogs that eat their food too quickly but also gives them some mental stimulation.  You can either feed your dog their full mean or just use it as a game with treats.  Food or treats are released when it is pushed with either a dog's paw or nose.  It is easy to fill and easy to clean.

KONG Satellite

The KONG sSatellite is used for a mealtime challenges and the fun of tasty treat rewards.  The Satellite sits upright until pushed by the dog's paw or nose and periodically dispenses food or treats.  The Satellite can be used as an alternative to a dog bowl to help slow eating and extend mealtime or for mental stimulation and exercise. 

KONG Safestix 

The KONG Safestix was designed with two activites in mind, safe retrieving and tugging.  They are not to be used as a chew toy. Made of bendable plastic in a shape that will prevent injuries that dogs can get from retrieving wood sticks.  The ball shaped end prevent throat punctures or choking.  It is also beneficial because it is made of a material that won't break a dog's tooth when caught or hurt if they would be hit in the head while trying to catch it mid-air.  (**Bonus** They float in the water too!!)